1. The number of drones you can fly simultaneously.

400 feet. The maximum height you can fly AGL or above a taller building within a 400-foot radius.

100 MPH/87 Knots. Fastest you can fly.

0.55 lbs. The lightest drone that must be registered.

55 lbs. Heaviest legal drone (must be less than, not equal to, 55 lbs).

0.04. Maximum blood alcohol level.

8 hours. The time that must pass since you have had alcohol.

10 days. The maximum time you can take to file an FAA accident report.

30 days. The time you have to notify the FAA if you move.

90 days. The lead time required when requesting an FAA waiver.

1 year. Time that must pass after a final narcotics conviction.

13 years old. The youngest person who can register a drone.

24 months. How long this certification is good for.

30 minutes. The twilight time before sunrise or after sunset when you can still fly.

3 statute miles. The distance your anti-collision lights must be visible from when
flying during twilight. Also the minimum visibility you must have while flying.