Tips for Taking the Airman Knowledge Test

Focus a great deal of your studies on: Sectional Charts, Airspace and Weather. These were the more difficult questions on the test. Overall, the test questions aren’t hard if you have a solid understanding of these topics. Most of the time you can eliminate one or two wrong answers but there were questions that, without knowing the material, would be difficult to guess. There are different versions of the test but here are some insights on the test I took today.

Here are a few items that could be on the test but there probably won’t be many.

  • PAVE
  • Scanning Techniques
  • FAA Inspection (Who does inspections and what do you need to show them)
  • Load Factors

You will refer to diagrams or sectional charts a lot. Get to know the sectional chart legend before the test. Read all the material, focus your studies this study guide and take the practice tests. The test will be easy for you if you do.