CalFire Vegetation Management Program

The Vegetation Management Program (VMP) is a cost-sharing program that focuses on the use of prescribed fire, and some mechanical means, for addressing wildland fire fuel hazards and other resource management issues on State Responsibility Area (SRA) lands. The use of prescribed fire mimics natural processes, restores fire to its historic role in wildland ecosystems, and provides significant fire hazard reduction benefits that enhance public and firefighter safety.

CalFire VMP Website

VMP Program Goals (Board of Forestry and Fire Protection)
The goal of the Vegetation Management Program is to reduce the chance of large, damaging wildfires by reducing fire hazards on wildland in California.  The Departments’ intent is to realize the best ‘mix’ of natural resource benefits from these lands, consistent with environmental protection and landowner/steward objectives. This includes three broad goals, which encompass most vegetation.

Management objectives:

  1. Reduction of conflagration fires.
  2. Optimization of soil and water productivity.
  3. Protection and improvement of intrinsic floral and faunal values.