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TANF - Family Wellness

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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


Now serving Native Americans in Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Fresno, Monterey, San Benito and San Luis Obispo Counties.


Tribal TANF Family Wellness has a website!



The Family Wellness program was established to foster healthier living.  Many services will be
provided to our Mono Tribe and Native community.
  It is our vision that through our combined efforts our families be provided with informative, fun and culturally relevant ways to improve their lives. 

Our Core Values:

We understand the importance of inter-generational communication and are working diligently
towards creating programs that will value and respect Native American traditions, in order to instill value and respect for all citizens.


Who We Are?

The Family Wellness Program is based on the Prevention Model.  It is designed to strengthen
individuals’ knowledge and skills.
  We reach out directly to individuals and groups at risk regarding substance abuse, relationship concerns, education, health and fitness by encouraging steps to
change past behaviors.

We also promote community education.  This is designed to reach the greatest number of people
possible by raising awareness about particular Native American issues with the goal of encouraging and supporting individuals for the process of changing destructive behaviors.
  We promote and
co-sponsor Intergenerational Cultural activities such as Basket Making, Language Classes,
Beading/Regalia, Drumming/Dancing, Soap Root Brushes and traditional preparation of Acorn
  We work with other Native American Organizations to provide a collaborative support
system for our Tribal Citizens.
  By working together within the Native communities and other community resources, we help provide tools for success that an individual may not be able to achieve



Who Do We Serve?

Tribal TANF clients, Tribal Citizens and All Native Americans with tribal documentations.


What Services Do We offer the Youth?

  • After School Program
  • Fitness Classes
  • Healthy Coaching
  • Cultural Activities
  • Self-esteem & trust building exercises
  • Educational Trips
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
  • Violence prevention
  • GONA
  • Life Coaching skills for youth
  • And much more….

What Services Do We offer the Adults?

  • Positive Indian Parenting
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Healthy Coaching
  • Sobriety
  • Prevention Programs
  • Cultural Awareness Workshops


Contact Info:


NFRTT Office

Resource Center

57911 Old Mill Site Ct.

North Fork, CA 93643

559/877-5500 Office

559/877-2153 Fax


Clovis TANF Office

Resource Center

1225 N. Willow Avenue, STE 130

Clovis, CA 93616

559/298-5700 Office

559/298-5717 Fax



Family Wellness

Youth Center

56901 Kunugib

North Fork, CA 93643

559/877-7277 Office

559/877-7234 Fax