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Katrina Guitierez

katrina guitierez secretary

Katrina Guitierez was first elected to the Tribal Council of the North Fork Rancheria in November 2006 and re-elected in 2013, serving as Tribal Secretary since early 2007. Preceding her elected position, Katrina has been involved in various aspects of tribal gaming since 1999 with a specific focus on the tribal government regulatory role within tribal gaming. She worked as a surveillance agent and then was promoted to Manager after one year at the Big Sandy Rancheria. She has also worked for the Picayune Rancheria, first as a background agent then as compliance manager for nearly four years. Katrina has lived in North Fork nearly all of her life and graduated from North Fork Elementary School and Willow Creek/Sierra High School. Katrina is one of the historical citizens of the tribe being one of the descendants of her great-grandmother, Susan Johnson and she is also of Iiapy Nation of Santa Ysabel heritage. Katrina has 4 sons and is the daughter of Terry Coleman Sr. and Barbara Works, both whom are citizens of North Fork Rancheria, and has 11 siblings.


Contact Information
Email: kguitierez@nfr-nsn.gov

Office phone: (559)877-5531

Cell phone: (559)760-4504